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OPEN STRENGTH (Sports Performance)

Our most popular training session focuses on our athletes. Up to 10 athletes train together and we focus on preparing the body for performance. Built around injury prevention, speed, and power these workouts are completed at your convenience based on a pre-determined schedule.  Ages for these groups usually range from early middle school through high school and/or college. 


Our team training option follows our open strength approach in the team setting .  Teammates find common ground by working with and against each other to achieve set team goals and successes.  This platform also provides athletes with the opportunity to strive for personal gains, push one another to compete, and to become more independent as individuals.  This style training simulates what it’s like to train at the collegiate level and gives our athletes an idea of what’s expected if they want to take their careers to the next level.  Within this controlled environment our boys and girls learn new depths, reach new heights, and most importantly that nothing can be accomplished as an individual.

GROUP TRAINING (not athletes)

Also a very popular choice, group sessions follow a pre-determined schedule where we invite anyone to come in for a workout.  We invite individuals and/or small groups of friends to train together with our staff. It is a fun energetic environment that allows our clients to motivate and work with each other. All ages are welcome.


Some of our clients prefer an private session to focus on areas they would like to improve. Our clients are paired with one of our coaches so they can be evaluated to determine aa plan/path to health. Development is at an indivudals pace and a training program is designed around the client's needs. All ages are welcome. 

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